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Whether you’re using the Baby Lock Intrepid as a hobby or to start a home embroidery business, these free webinars will show you how to make the most out of your machine.

Discover the Intrepid


Learn the basics of your new Intrepid right out of the box! Patty will show you how to set up and thread your machine and get your embroidery started. You’ll also get an overview of all the included accessories and what they're used for. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Editing Features on the Intrepid

Master the editing features of your Intrepid as you learn how to select and edit your designs and fonts. You’ll also learn how to use the exclusive Color Grouping and De-Select Region tools! watch the video here.

All Things Color

Join Patty as she teaches you how to take advantage of the Intrepid’s robust color features. You’ll learn how to use the Stitch Simulator, Color Grouping, Color Sorting and Color Visualizer along with the Embroidery Progress Bar and other useful tools. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to assign colors to the needles! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Managing Machine Maintenance

Learn the ins and outs of your Intrepid, including optional hoops, built-in videos and customizing with the machine settings. You’ll also learn helpful tips for simple maintenance such as cleaning and updating software. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Perfecting a Pillow

Monogramed Pillows are always a popular choice for any home. Watch as Patty shows you how you can easily make them on the Intrepid, using the color grouping, color sorting and de-select region features. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Transform a Tea Towel

Create an eye-catching tea towel for any kitchen in this fun webinar. You’ll learn to utilize the built-in buttonholes and how to edit fonts as well as using Intrepid’s color sorting and multi-line text features. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Wrap It Up

What’s an easy accent for any outfit? A scarf! Join Patty as she teaches you how to use the Intrepid’s large built-in fonts and Manual Color Sequence on any scarf. She’ll also show you other ways to add a unique touch with the border function. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Put a Lid On It

Embroidering ball caps can be a difficult task for both novice and expert embroiderers alike. Thankfully, you’ll learn how to hoop one and master placement in this helpful webinar. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

A Warm Welcome

Discover how to use the Intrepid’s large built-in fonts and buttonholes to personalize a fun and flashy Welcome Pennant or Banner that’s a great fit for your next get-together or party. Patty will also show you how to get creative with built-in designs and decorative stitches. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Applying Applique

Want to work with applique? You’re in luck! Patty will teach you how to approach applique on a multi-needle machine. You’ll learn to use the Intrepid’s features to make the process fun – and you’ll make a cute seasonal garden flag. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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