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Palette 11 opens up an entirely new world of creative possibilities for your embroidery projects. With these FREE webinars, you'll learn how to use some of this software's most spectacular features and make some fun projects while you're at it!

What's New (and What's Best) in Palette 11

You’ll see what’s new in Palette 11, and how to use those features to make a mug rug! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Wireless Transfer between the Solaris and Palette 11

You’ll learn how to set up the Solaris and Palette 11, and how to find the designs once you transfer them. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Using TTFs in Palette 11

Palette 11 has 120 built-in fonts, but did you know that it will turn any True Type Font that is installed in your computer into an embroidery file, that is fully resizable? You’ll also learn how to use the Transform feature to arc text. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Fun with Background Fills

You’ll learn how to use the Background Wizard, and we’ll explore how to use the settings to create an infinite number of possibilities. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Multi-Needle Name Drop

Palette 11 LOVES your Baby Lock Multi-Needle Machine! See how the Name Drop feature allows you to turn out a large embroidery job with minimal computer set up. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Photo Stitch

Turn your favorite photos into stunning embroidered masterpieces! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Applique Wizard

Turn any embroidery design into an applique with just a few mouse clicks! We’ll also explore some of the great options that will allow you to customize all aspects of your applique. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Using the Drawing Tools in Palette 11

See for yourself how easy the drawing tools are to use as you channel your inner 5 year-old to create a fun, personalized design. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Editing Pre-Digitized Designs

Make the most of your design stash by editing those pre-digitized designs in Palette. You’ll learn how to resize, change colors, and eliminate unwanted stitches to customize those designs for your projects. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Transforming Text

We’re going to warp it, wave it, and fit it to an outline! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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