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January 7- Let's Drag Then Drop

Drag and Drop can be used many different ways. Denise teaches you how to get the most from both, when repositioning using edge to edge and for placement. 


February 18 - Lay Out Your Entire Quilt Using an Edge to Edge Design

Many of our students have asked how to lay out their entire quilt. You’re in luck! During this webinar, Denise will create an edge to edge quilt and show you how it’s done. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

March 10 - An Area is not just a Space to Quilt In

Did you know that an Area has the same properties as a design?  You can resize, reposition, rotate and much more. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create space with Areas that will add an extra creative touch to your quilting projects. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

April 21 - Send Your Question in and Get the Answers Live with Denise

You have Pro-Stitcher questions and Denise has your answers! Send your Pro-Stitcher questions in and she’ll answer them live during this webinar. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

May 12 - Create Applique Designs with Pro-Stitcher

Denise has taken applique to a new level, using it to create texture on a quilt — and she can't wait to show you how! You’ll learn how to add placement, tack down and yarn couching to enhance your quilt tops. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

June 23- Creating Borders and Corners from Existing Designs

There are many designs built into Pro-Stitcher that work well together for borders and corners. Follow along as Denise creates new designs using them. She'll show you how to crop, rotate and recreate using those elements. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

July 7 - Custom Quilt a Simple Block to Make it Pop

You can make a block pop by adding crosshatch, channel quilting and micro quilting. Denise has no fear of open space and is going to share with you why. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

August 4- Fill in the Gaps with Pebbles, Pearls and a Few Circles

Do you have space in sashing or borders that you are not sure what to do with? You can create pebbles and pearls with designs that are built into the Pro-Stitcher. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

September 1 - Making New Designs Using Crop with Pro-Stitcher

Crop has three ways you can use it: inside, outside and with start and end points. Join Denise and she'll show you it’s fun to discover what you can transform from ? the original design into using these features. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

October 6 - It's Time to Get Spooky with Our Pro-Stitcher

There are no tricks, just treats when Denise shows you how to make these fun designs for fall and Halloween! WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

November 3 - Setting Designs in Sew Many Shapes

Pro-Stitcher is loaded with over 900 designs. Join Denise as she shares how to take shapes and customize many of them to build beautiful quilt blocks. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

December 15 - Quick Gifts Stitched with Pro-Stitcher

Quick and Quicker gifts can be made on the long arm using the Pro-Stitcher. In this fun webinar, Denise will show off the tote bags, dopp bags and gift bags she made quickly with Pro-Stitcher. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE.

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