Valiant Embroidery Machine

Master even the most intricate embroidery designs with our multi-needle Valiant.

valiant machine

Uncover the Innovative FeaturesOf the Valiant

With 10 needles and 1,000 stitches-per-minute, the Valiant provides industrial power in the ease and convenience of a home embroidery machine.

valiant hd lcd screen
HD LCD Screen

A high-definition, 10.1” TruView™ IPS LED Screen includes over 16 million vivid colors.

valiant perfect positioning
NeedleCam™ Digital Camera

See from the needle’s point of view so you know exactly where the needle will drop.

valiant led lights
5 LED Lights

Illuminate your work area and customize dimming settings to create your perfect workspace.

valiant edit on screen
Edit Designs On Screen

Combine, reposition, resize, rotate and mirror embroidery designs instantly on screen.

valiant lcd spool light
LED Spool Stand Lights

10 LED spool stand lights keep thread colors coordinated & signal when spool needs changing.

valiant usb sd card reader
3 USB Drives

Includes 2 Type A USB drives, 1 Type B USB drive and an SD card slot

valiant front loading bobbin
Front-Loading Bobbin

Front-loading, vertical hook lets you change bobbins without removing your embroidery hoop.

valiant 4 hoops
4 Hoops

Includes 4 embroidery hoops ranging from 1-1/2”x2-3/8” to 7-7/8”x14” in size.

valiant color visualizer
Color Visualizer

Choose from random, vivid, gradient and soft and watch as your design is transformed.

valiant built in embroidery
120 Built-in Designs

Rotate, merge, color sort, group and choose from more than 120 built-in embroidery designs.

valiant 1000 stitches per min
1,000 Stitches/Minute

Quick speed finishes fill faster than the blink of an eye.

valiant on screen text editing
On-Screen Text Editing

Includes multi-line text, character spacing, grouping, character insert capabilities and 41 fonts.

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